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Your Drug is a Heartbreaker

My Love is a Lifetaker

Wanna Make Out?
new favorite pastime, boating, in the rain, in the saginaw river at 2 am, drunk.

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i'm in gryffindor!

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weezer is love
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ska is love
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a&f, arm bands, awwww suki suki!!, batman backpacks, being a dancing flower, being an irish fuck, being emo, being old skool, billy talent, black eyeliner, blink 182, brooklyn boyz, bruce the shark, buffy!, care bears, carrots, cartoons, chaaaa, checker board, clovers, cookies, cupcakes, dancing, danny t, dean koontz, defending the scene, definantly not a woman, diet coke, dinosaurs, dogma, donny p's, dorks, dots, dressing up as bobber, drinking, dropkick murphys, east lansing, ettison clio, fairly odd parents, flamingos, foot clan leader, fuzzles, getting lost, glitter, hating you, hay hay hay, heels, hello kitty, house of leaves, huge pink aviator glasses, jet, jolly rancher wrappers, kidney thieves, kill bill 1&2, kmfdm, la bandita, leg warmers, live music, local band scene, mad caddies, mallrats, mbs airport, mini alligators, mini-oranges, mitties, modest mouse, monica, moose!, movies, muppets, my guardian mexican, my rainbow sweater, nail polish, naked chinese fire drills, ninja-ing, not being you, nsync, panda express, paris hilton, people watching, pierced "nublets", pig, pink, pink bandanas, pink fuzzy seat covers, pizza rolls, plaid, popples, punk, qotsa, rainbow brite, rainbows, ralph wiggum, raymond watts, rebel pants, reel big fish, rhcp, salad, scarfs, sex and the city, shirt ninja, shirts w/places on them, ska, snakes, sour cherry balls, stamp'd, stamp'd street team, stars, stephen king, stolen road signs, super heros, super orgy porno party, tattoos, the "van", the 80's, the mall, the mob scene, the ramones, the toasters, tmnt, too much metal horns, tv dinner night, villians, vodka tonics, waynes world, weezer, whites bar, wolverine